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I was born and raised in Nebraska, USA. My family’s business was making hot dogs and other sausages. Growing up, Wimmer was associated only with that. I have since lived in Arizona, Germany, China, and now New Orleans. I have visited many other places besides. I have studied different things and worked in three careers.

As a regular blogger, I am a pathetic failure. Note the frequency of my postings. It is said, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and my road is now a super-highway. But while I fail as a blogger, I think I am doing much better as a frazzled mother who gives a damn, an athlete, a singer, a scholar, an educator, a world-traveler, a foodie, a cook, a gardener, a wife, a friend, an avid reader and an eager learner. I have become my own Wimmer, but I am proud of my meaty roots.

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